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Localización de Yasuní en Ecuador. The park holds a world record 150 whither western civilization thomas pdf species for places with comparable landsc

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Localización de Yasuní en Ecuador. The park holds a world record 150 whither western civilization thomas pdf species for places with comparable landscapes.

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It also is at the top for amphibian diversity compared to other sites sampled in the western Amazon. The total of its amphibian species is more than the United States and Canada combined. In spite of covering less than 0. Amazon Basin, Yasuni is home to approximately one-third of amphibian and reptile species. The park also harbors high levels of fish diversity with 382 known species.

Yasuni also is home to at least 596 bird species which comprises one-third of the total native bird species for the Amazon. The park is also rich in species of bats. On a regional scale, the Amazon Basin has an estimated 117 bat species, but on a local scale, Yasuni is estimated to have comparable richness. In a single hectare, Yasuni has over 100,000 different species of insects which is roughly the amount of insect species that can be found in all of North America. The park also boasts one of the world’s richest levels of vascular plants. Yasuni National Park is home to an estimated 1. The initiative promised to leave the park undisturbed in exchange for compensation from the international community.