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Starrett offers Shane a job, and he accepts. At the town's general store, Shane and other homesteaders whiskey and the words of shovel free pdf loadin

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Starrett offers Shane a job, and he accepts. At the town’s general store, Shane and other homesteaders whiskey and the words of shovel free pdf loading up supplies. Ryker’s men, throws a shot of whiskey on Shane’s shirt. Shane doesn’t rise to the bait, and leaves to the taunts of Ryker’s men.

On the next trip to town, Shane returns the empty soda bottle to the saloon, where Calloway again taunts him. Shane orders two shots of whiskey, pours one on Calloway’s shirt and throws the other in his face, then knocks him to the ground. Shane prevails, with Starrett’s help. Ryker declares that the next time they meet, “the air will be filled with gun smoke. Joey is drawn to Shane, and to his gun. Shane shows him how to wear a holster and demonstrates his shooting skills, but Marian interrupts the lesson. Guns, she says, are not going to be a part of her son’s life.

Shane counters that a gun is a tool, no better nor worse than an axe or a shovel, and as good or bad as the man using it. Marian retorts that the valley would be better off without any guns—including Shane’s. When the inexperienced farmer goes for his gun, Wilson shoots him dead. Ryker’s men, they find new determination and resolve to continue the fight. Ryker invites Starrett to a meeting at the saloon to negotiate a settlement—and then orders Wilson to kill him when he arrives.

Calloway, unable to tolerate Ryker’s treachery any longer, warns Shane of the double-cross. Starrett says no matter, he will shoot it out with Wilson, and asks Shane to look after Marian and Joey if he dies. Shane, aware that Starrett is no match for Wilson in a gunfight, says he must go instead. Starrett is adamant, and Shane is forced to knock him unconscious. A distraught Marian asks Shane why he is doing this. For her, he replies, and her husband and son, and all the other decent people who want a chance to live in peace in the valley. As Shane rides to town, Joey follows him on foot.

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