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To look for a non-book abbreviation or glossary wenham restoration of marriage reconsidered pdf, go to the Search form and follow instructions. Books with an X: prefix are NOT in my library. Answering a Fundamentalist, Albert J. Atlas of the Bible, John Rogerson, Facts on File: 1985.

Archeology and Bible History, Free and Vos, Zondervan:1992. Early Civilizations: Ancient Egypt in Context, Bruce G. Trigger, American University in Cairo:1993. Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture. Atlas of Classical History, Michael Grant, Oxford: 1994. The Archaeology of Early Christianity–A History, William Frend, Fortress:1996. Miriam Lichtheim, Univ of Cal:1973, 1976, 1980.

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Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel, Michael Fishbane, Oxford: 1985. Bible Knowledge Commentary, Kenneth L. The Historical Reliability of the Gospels by Craig Blomberg, IVP: 1987. The Birth of the Messiah, by Raymond E.

The Teaching of the Buddha, timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. Immortality: The Other Side of Death, local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind. Civilization before Greece and Rome, a Concordance of the Quran. Jesus and the Logic of History, in Gods We Trust: The Evolutionary Landscape of Religion. The Eschatological Expectation of Isaiah 40 — muslim Writers on Judaism and the Hebrew Bible: From Ibn Rabban to Ibn Hazm. Markets and Marketing in Roman Palestine. Organization and Selection in Evolution, the Theology of Nahmanides Systematically Presented.

Beyond the Q Impasse: Luke’s Use of Matthew, Allan J. Books and Readers in the Early Church, Harry Y. Behind the Scenes of the New Testament, Barnett, IVP: 1990. The Bauer Thesis Examined: The Geography of Heresy in the Early Christian Church, T.

The Trinity, Edward Henry Bickersteth, Kregel: 1994. Reprint of 19th century work. The Bible, Violence, and The Sacred: Liberation from the Myth of Sanctioned Violence, James G. Constantine and Eusebius, Timothy D.