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Some companies have decided to have employees keep their personal ethics at home. In reality, companies that try to keep personal ethics at home find

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Some companies have decided to have employees keep their personal ethics at home. In reality, companies that try to keep personal ethics at home find that employees are occasionally asked to perform actions that they do not condone at home. In professional settings we would like to assume that companies would not act unethically, so why should we even pay attention? The truth is, companies do act unethically whether walmart code of ethics pdf is disposing of toxic waste incorrectly or price gouging to name a few.

The same goes for writing professional documents. You should keep them clean and standardized to save yourself from damaging a possible job opportunity and the name you represent. Resumes present a unique case in professional writing as they relate to ethics. In the work place, it is considered unethical if you do not present all the information related to a given project, good and bad. However when writing your resume, there is a common understanding that only good information will be included. While not including negative aspects is acceptable on a resume, including extra items that you did not accomplish is not. When writing your resume, it is obvious that you should not lie.

In today’s time, it is very easy for a prospective employer to go online, call a current or past employer, or call a reference to find out what kind of work you did. Not only could you be rejected for a job, you could also be selling yourself for a position that you are not qualified for. For example, writing that you are experienced with Microsoft Office 2007 even if you have little experience could lead to frustration at work, poor performance reviews, or even losing your job. List only the jobs you have actually held and what you did at the job. Do not elaborate on your education. State only the schools you attended and the degrees you have completed. Provide correct statistics about positions you have held.

If you do not know the actual data, give a plausible range of data. Do not take credit individually for something accomplished as a team. Do not write in a way that is intended to mislead the reader. Do not provide references that have not agreed to be listed as one. Possible future employers do have the right to run a background check on you with your approval. In this background check, the company will go through and call your previous employers.

If you are unsure about a certain fact or number, do not guess. Call your previous or current employer and ask them to clarify. Also, make sure anything you put on your resume can be supported by evidence. If you claim you worked 7 different shifts in a previous job, you should be able to list all 7 of those shifts in case you are ever asked. NEVER lie on your resume! It is one of the first impressions you are able to make on a potential employer, and you obviously want to leave a lasting impression. Lying on your resume or even stretching facts will not help you in the long run.

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