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Midori makes your business 287. Also generating spreadsheet reports from View current paper bill pdf? This gallery displays sample exports created usi

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Midori makes your business 287. Also generating spreadsheet reports from View current paper bill pdf? This gallery displays sample exports created using the “factory-default” templates shipped with the PDF View Plugin for Jira. Our aim is to give you a quick understanding of what is possible out of the box.

Many of the templates shipped with the PDF View Plugin for Jira offer configurability via variables. These variables appear in the top part of the PDF templates or in the top part of the Groovy scripts, and are documented right in the code. Login to Jira as administrator. It opens in the built-in template editor. Make a new export, which will reflect the changes in the configuration variables. It offers you several configuration variables to choose what to include in the PDFs.

The visual design is intentionally kept on the bare minimum, so that the emphasis is on your content, not on the “chrome” around it, although you can customize it with extreme flexibility. The most basic export captures standard- and custom field values, attachments, issue links, remote link, subtasks, worklogs and comments. In addition to the basic information, it also displays image attachment thumbnails and the detailed change history. Open this with Adobe Reader or some other full profile PDF viewer, as browser plugins may not support PDF attachments! All our templates fully support Unicode, i.

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Issue Navigator to a landscape-oriented table using the currently configured columns and ordering. It allows you to create custom PDF documents from ad-hoc JQL searches and saved filters with a single click. As for visuals, this one and all our templates apply the “invisible design” paradigm, allowing readers to focus on the data. Just because this is a table, it does not mean you can’t freely use text formatting or embedded images within the cells. Jira dashboards are great tools to summarize issue, project and progress information online, but they were not designed for exporting and for sharing with external people. Jira dashboards or individual Jira gadgets to customizable PDF reports. You should expect this look using the default settings in the template.

This example aggregates the status reports of 3 teams’ on-going sprints into a single PDF document, one page per team. This is a great data source for cross-team status reviews and daily stand-ups. This A3 landscape example demonstrates using custom layouts: a Kanban board is stretching to the full page width in the top, followed by four charts and their data tables in the bottom. Not only it gives a fast-to-grasp summary via the charts, the precise data points are also shown. This particular sample captures a Burndown Chart report, containing the chart and the detailed event table. Similar to all other types of exports, dashboard exports also use the language selected in the user’s profile settings.