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Travel vacation rentals industry report pdf 2015 also include relatively short stays between successive movements. The origin of the word "travel" is

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Travel vacation rentals industry report pdf 2015 also include relatively short stays between successive movements. The origin of the word “travel” is most likely lost to history.

In English we still occasionally use the words “travail”, which means struggle. This link may reflect the extreme difficulty of travel in ancient times. There’s a big difference between simply being a tourist and being a true world traveler”, notes travel writer Michael Kasum. This is, however, a contested distinction as academic work on the cultures and sociology of travel has noted. A trip may also be part of a round-trip, which is a particular type of travel whereby a person moves from one location to another and returns. While early travel tended to be slower, more dangerous, and more dominated by trade and migration, cultural and technological advances over many years have tended to mean that travel has become easier and more accessible. Siddhartha became displeased with what he once found luxurious.

Due to these strong feelings, he left his home and searched for enlightenment. After much seeking, Gautama sat under what is now known as the great Buddha tree, where he meditated and found peace. Travel gave Siddhartha the opportunity to find his purpose and have peace. For many people, travel gives an opportunity to learn new things and view the world in a different way. It helps us connect with the world on a closer level, and for some even to find their purpose. A lot of people have followed Siddhartha’s passion for travel and have decided to invent ways to make it easier.

Much of this came around the same time as the industrial revolution. James Watt is credited for helping bring the steam engine to life, with this invention people were finally able to travel across land at a faster rate. Wilbur and Orville, They are credited with being the first successful people to engineer a device capable of flying. In just a couple hundred years Travel has made bounds and leaps in progress. In 1492  Christopher Columbus took a long 10 week journey to where he hoped would be India. But he instead landed on the continent now known as North America. Most famous travelers that people tend to think of are famous for making big discoveries on accident such as Columbus did.

This seems to be an important part of living is to get away. The definition of vacation would be an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling. This means that most people would spend their time vacationing away from home, traveling can provide the outlet to the needed vacation time. There are also 4 great health reasons to continue to travel for vacation.

It has been proven to help alleviate stress. A study released last year by the American Psychological Association concluded that vacations work to reduce stress by removing people from the activities and environments that they associate with stress and anxiety. Another great reason is to help prevent heart disease. A host of studies have highlighted the cardiovascular health benefits of taking a vacation.

In one, men at risk for heart disease who skipped vacations for five consecutive years were 30 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who took at least a week off each year. Vacation time can also improve productivity. In our perpetual rush to be productive, we often undermine our very ability to consistently perform at peak levels. Getting more done in less time allows us to get ahead and be more productive, but it takes consistent focus to be truly productive.

This is where vacation comes into play. Having time away to not focus on any task will actually enhance your ability to perform when a task has to be completed. Lastly, vacations can help with sleep. Restless nights with thoughts constantly being tossed around in ones mind is not uncommon by any standard. Luckily with vacation, there doesn’t have to be the thought of completing tasks on time, this leads to a longer, deeper sleep. When traveling abroad, the odds favor a safe and incident-free trip, however, travelers can be subject to difficulties, crime and violence. It is also advisable to become oriented with the driving-rules and -regulations of destination countries.

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