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The following PDF files constitute the ultimate questions thinking about philosophy pdf collection. They should be the source texts for formal citatio

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The following PDF files constitute the ultimate questions thinking about philosophy pdf collection. They should be the source texts for formal citations and translations.

An introduction to Christian theology as a coherent system of beliefs founded on the sovereignty of God and the infallibility of Scripture. An introduction to the basic principles of a Christian worldview. The heart of this book is an exposition of Paul’s encounter with the Athenians in Acts 17. It shows how the apostle confronted non-Christian religions and philosophies, and how we may mirror his approach today.

This short guide introduces principles that enhance a Christian’s performance and effectiveness in informal debates. Although they are easy to understand and implement, they are invincible weapons that ensure victory in our intellectual confrontations with the non-Christians. An exposition on the Sermon on the Mount. Topics covered include: the kingdom of God, the Christian counter-culture, the relevance of God’s law, the commandments on murder, adultery, divorce, oaths, retaliation, love, and Jesus’ teachings on biblical inerrancy, hypocritical piety, hypocritical judgment, legalism, materialism, exclusivism, and antinomianism. Some theological reflections on prayer and its relation to the nature of God, the character of the believer, and the life of the mind.

Contents: Prayer and the Triune God, Prayer and the Divine Nature, Prayer and the Moral Life, and Prayer and the Inner Life. This volume combines three previously published works into a general introduction on the ministry of the word. Preach the Word, and 3. Besides providing a basic exegesis of Malachi, this book applies the Old Testament text to Christian life and thought. In the process, it addresses topics such as election, history, marriage, tithing, ministry, reverence, and judgment. Paul writes to a church that has been infiltrated by false teachers, and provides a corrective on how a person is justified before God.

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