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O'Brien's book as a Vietnam classic. Vietnam, and later novels about tim o brien the things they carried short story pdf lives of veterans. The ear

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O’Brien’s book as a Vietnam classic. Vietnam, and later novels about tim o brien the things they carried short story pdf lives of veterans.

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Worthington had a large influence on O’Brien’s imagination and his early development as an author. We did not know there had been a massacre there a year earlier. The news about that only came out later, while we were there, and then we knew. In this memoir, O’Brien writes: “Can the foot soldier teach anything important about war, merely for having been there?

He can tell war stories. While O’Brien does not consider himself a spokesman about the war, he has occasionally commented on it. Speaking years later about his upbringing and the war, O’Brien described his hometown as “a town that congratulates itself, day after day, on its own ignorance of the world: a town that got us into Vietnam. A perverse and outrageous double standard. What if things were reversed?