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While it was not taught in the North, aspects of it did win acceptance there and helped the process of reunifying American whites. The Lost Cause beli

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While it was not taught in the North, aspects of it did win acceptance there and helped the process of reunifying American whites. The Lost Cause belief the world of myth an anthology 2nd edition pdf synthesized numerous ideas into a coherent package.

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Lost Cause supporters argued that slavery was not the main cause of the Civil War, and claimed that few scholars saw it as such before the 1950s. In order to reach this conclusion, they often denied or minimized the wartime writings and speeches of Confederate leaders in favor of post-war views. Supporters often stressed the idea of secession as a defense against a Northern threat to their way of life and said that the threat violated the states’ rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They believed any state had the right to secede, a point strongly denied by the North.

The Lost Cause portrayed the South as more profoundly Christian than the greedy North. It portrayed the slavery system as more benevolent than cruel, emphasizing that it taught Christianity and civilization. Stories of “happy slaves” were often used as propaganda in an effort to defend slavery. These stories would be used to explain slavery to Northerners. Many times they also portrayed slave owners being kind to their slaves. In explaining Confederate defeat, the Lost Cause said that the main factor was not qualitative inferiority in leadership or fighting ability but the massive quantitative superiority of the Yankee industrial machine. At the peak of troops strengths in 1863, Union soldiers outnumbered Confederate soldiers by over 2 to 1 and financially the Union had three times the bank deposits as the Confederacy.

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South’s superior military skill and courage. The Lost Cause theme has been a major element in defining gender roles in the white South, in terms of honor, tradition, and family roles. The Lost Cause has inspired many prominent Southern memorials and even religious attitudes. Many white Southerners were devastated economically, emotionally, and psychologically by the defeat of the Confederacy in 1865. When this did not happen, white Southerners sought consolation in attributing their loss to factors beyond their control, such as physical size and overwhelming brute force. The architects of the Lost Cause acted from various motives. They collectively sought to justify their own actions and allow themselves and other former Confederates to find something positive in all-encompassing failure.

They also wanted to provide their children and future generations of white Southerners with a ‘correct’ narrative of the war. Lost Cause for over a century. Yale University history professor Rollin G. The Legend of the Lost Cause began as mostly a literary expression of the despair of a bitter, defeated people over a lost identity.