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Depending on the area of expertise this can vary. The Chief Data Officer has a significant measure of business responsibility for determining what kin

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Depending on the area of expertise this can vary. The Chief Data Officer has a significant measure of business responsibility for determining what kinds of information the enterprise will choose to capture, retain the role of della pdf exploit and for what purposes. The role of manager for data processing was not elevated to that of senior management prior to the 1980s. This role includes defining strategic priorities for the company in the area of data systems and opportunities, identifying new business opportunities pertaining to data, optimizing revenue generation through data, and generally representing data as a strategic business asset at the executive table.

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Besides the revenue opportunities, acquisition strategy, and customer data policies, the chief data officer is charged with explaining the strategic value of data and its important role as a business asset and revenue driver to executives, employees, and customers. CSO in lieu of one. This person has the responsibility of measurement along various business lines and consequently defining the strategy for the next growth opportunities, product offerings, markets to pursue, competitors to look at etc. Thomas Mueller, chief data officer at Allied Management Group. Maria Villar was appointed CDO at Fannie Mae and Justin Magruder was appointed CDO at Freddie Mac in 2007, in the months leading up to the 2008 Credit Crisis to assist the GSE’s in implementing new financial control frameworks for risk management.

Beth Hiatt succeeded Maria and Diane Schmidt succeeded Justin in 2009. French Administration, probably the first CDO of a Country. The role has wide authority around transparency, efficiency and accountability in state operations. Various branches of US Government have CDOs. The CDO role is far more common in the United States than elsewhere. However several European banks have a CDO. The professional skills of CDOs are rather diverse because CDOs are expected to undertake a variety of roles in their companies including enterprise data architect, data quality and governance manager, business strategy leader, business regulation compliance officer, etc.

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