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New World Communications Group, Inc. 1993, with the broadcasting unit expanding through additional purchases made during 1994. At the time, New World

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New World Communications Group, Inc. 1993, with the broadcasting unit expanding through additional purchases made during 1994. At the time, New World the new kid world of death pdf the last remaining national low-budget film distributor, and was also one of the most successful independent companies in the nation.

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Corman hoped to continue AIP’s formula at New World, making low-budget films by new talent and distributing them internationally. The distribution of such films was conceived by Corman in an effort to disassociate New World as an exhibitor of exploitation films. In 1983, Corman sold New World to Larry Kupin, Harry E. New World as its vice president of sales in the 1970s–returned to the company as its new CEO.

Later that year Thompson left the company to form his own firm. In 1987, New World acquired independent film studio Highgate Pictures and the Learning Corporation of America. Around this time, New World faced a major financial slump and the company began restructuring itself. Another equity firm, Sloan and Kupin, instead pursued an aggressive program of divestitures and sales, which ultimately yielded a substantial profit to management while leaving the debt holders struggling. The bulk of its film and home video holdings were sold in January 1990 to Trans-Atlantic Pictures, a newly formed production company founded by a consortium of former New World executives.

Highgate Pictures and Learning Corporation of America were shut down in 1990. Marvel Productions was renamed New World Animation in 1993. Also included in the purchase was the library of Storer-owned syndication firm Blair Entertainment, which it had bought in 1985. Earlier in the decade, the group–then known as GCI Broadcast Services, Inc. Eventually, the renamed, SCI ran into severe financial problems and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late 1992.

SCI was folded into New World, following the completion of its purchase of the group by Perelman in the summer of 1993. WTSP’s analog signal did not adequately cover southern sections of the Tampa-St. The biggest deal involving New World Communications would aid in changing the face of American broadcasting. Shortly after the Citicasters acquisition announcement, on May 23, 1994, New World Communications and Fox reached a multi-year affiliation agreement in which New World would switch most of its television stations to the network beginning that fall.

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Fox Kids block, a peculiarity even at a time when some ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates were still pre-empting portions of their network’s children’s program lineups. KTBC, initially, until it launched an hour-long 9:00 p. New World did not own a station. Three New World stations were excluded from the Fox affiliation deal. Both KNSD and WVTM retained their NBC affiliations. New World planned to sell all three stations as well, in order to comply with the FCC’s twelve-station ownership limit.

Argyle stations was completed on April 14, following the trust transfers of WBRC and WGHP. NBC affiliations for WVTM and KNSD in ten-year deals. NBC when the deal became final on August 14. When the merger with News Corporation was finalized on January 22, 1997, the former New World television stations were transferred into its Fox Television Stations subsidiary, turning the former group’s twelve Fox affiliates into owned-and-operated stations of the network, joining WGHP and WBRC. Stations acquired with the purchases of KSAZ-TV and WDAF-TV, but later placed in a trust for sale to Fox. New World continued to operate the stations for several months until Fox took over through time brokerage agreements in September 1995. The Story of Adele H.