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English, History and Ancient History. Saturday morning from 1974 to 1981. Sunday lunchtime show before moving to a late-morning weekday slot, following David Jensen. The show was highly popular, increasing Capital Radio’s audience share in London. Tarrant had regular co-presenter Kara Noble as his sidekick for the early years until she moved to Heart FM in 1995 with regular contributions from Flying Eye traffic reporter Russ Kane and news reader Howard Hughes. Capital, and was photographed sitting next to Tarrant in a taxi whilst having her top pulled down on an outside broadcast. The photo was released in 1999 by ex co-host of the breakfast show Kara Noble, by now working at Heart 106.

5 million, Tarrant said his farewell to the station. The format was sold to over 100 other countries, and in 2002, the UK version merged with the Irish version. Tarrant has coined catchphrases such as “But we don’t want to give you that! Is that your final answer? Tarrant has been the regular host for at least one full series of more game shows than anyone else on British television, with sixteen different series to his credit.

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