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A new global, multi-resolution ocean model is described and evaluated. Simulations are the legend of the third degree pdf based on mean and RMS sea-su

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A new global, multi-resolution ocean model is described and evaluated. Simulations are the legend of the third degree pdf based on mean and RMS sea-surface height.

The method offers a new approach to global ocean modeling. Three simulations using different grids are presented. SSH variance and selected current transports. In general, the simulations produce subtropical and subpolar gyres with peak SSH amplitudes too strong by between 0.

The mesoscale eddy activity within the NA is, in general, well simulated in both structure and amplitude. The uniform high-resolution simulation produces reasonable representations of mesoscale activity throughout the global ocean. Simulations using the second variable-resolution grid are essentially identical to the uniform case within the NA region. The third case with higher NA resolution produces a simulation that agrees somewhat better in the NA with observed SSH, SSH variance and transports than the two 15 km simulations. Parallel Ocean Program ocean model in its standard high-resolution 0. Our overall conclusion is that this ocean model is a viable candidate for multi-resolution simulations of the global ocean system on climate-change time scales. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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An end-to-end framework for human action recognition in big datasets is proposed. A motion detection and segmentation process is presented as a preprocessing step. A fusion of motion, trajectory and appearance descriptors is proposed to describe video. Actions classification task is achieved using an SVM based on extracted features.

A reasonable trade-off between high accuracy and computational cost is achieved. Human action recognition is still attracting the computer vision research community due to its various applications. However, despite the variety of methods proposed to solve this problem, some issues still need to be addressed. In this paper, we present a human action detection and recognition process on large datasets based on Interest Points trajectories. Then, a video description based on a fusion process that combines motion, trajectory and visual descriptors is proposed. Features within each bounding box are extracted by exploiting the bag-of-words approach.

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