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This page was last edited on 18 November 2015, at 18:15. The green mile pdf download end green bridge 1. In 2011, Mile End had a population of 28,5

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This page was last edited on 18 November 2015, at 18:15. The green mile pdf download end green bridge 1.

In 2011, Mile End had a population of 28,544. Whilst there are many references to settlements in the area, excavations have suggested there were very few buildings before 1300. Mile End Road is an ancient route from London to the East. The area running alongside Mile End Road was known as Mile End Green, and became known as a place of assembly for Londoners, as reflected in the name of Assembly Passage.

For most of the medieval period, this road was surrounded by open fields on either side. Speculative developments existed by the end of the 16th century and continued throughout the 18th century. It developed as an area of working and lower-class housing, often occupied by immigrants and migrants new to the city. The Stepney Green Conservation Area was designated in January 1973, covering the area previously known as Mile End Old Town. It is a large Conservation Area with an irregular shape that encloses buildings around Mile End Road, Assembly Passage, Louisa Street and Stepney Green itself. It is an area of exceptional architectural and historic interest, with a character and appearance worthy of protection and enhancement. It is situated just north of the medieval village of Stepney, which was clustered around St.

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Mile End where he met the rebels and signed their charter. The king subsequently had the leaders and many rebels executed. London with a troupe of refugee professional actors. The complex was completed with a library, swimming pool, gymnasium and winter garden by 1892, providing an eclectic mix of populist entertainment and education. This finally closed in 1954.

On 13 June 1944, this ‘doodlebug’ impacted next to the railway bridge on Grove Road, an event now commemorated by a plaque. Eight civilians were killed, 30 injured and 200 made homeless by the blast. The area remained derelict for many years, until cleared to extend Mile End park. 200 kg was found north of Mile End station near Grove and Roman Roads. Approximately 100 local residents were evacuated and stayed with friends and family or the Mile End Leisure Centre until the bomb could be deactivated and removed. A map showing the civil parish boundaries in 1870.

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A map showing the Mile End Old Town wards of Stepney Metropolitan Borough as they appeared in 1916. 1836, becoming a single parish for poor law purposes in 1857. 1855 the vestry of Mile End Old Town became an electing authority. The vestry hall was located on Bancroft Road.

The main student halls of residence are also now located on this campus. It contains garden and water features and some shops and restaurant space built in below. 1990 in three canal side former warehouses in Copperfield Road, facing the western edge of the park, south of Mile End Road. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The song describes a group of squatters taking up residence in an abandoned 15th-floor apartment in a run-down apartment tower. Mile End Park and Clinton Road, Mile End. 120,000 to invest in a similar project.