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By integrating cognitive diversity into debiasing literature, this paper contributes towards opening the black box the effect of team composition on s

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By integrating cognitive diversity into debiasing literature, this paper contributes towards opening the black box the effect of team composition on strategic sensemaking pdf executive judgment. Based on information processing theory we investigate the role of cognitive diversity in strategic decision making.

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We apply a vignette-based experimental research design to examine the effect of cognitive diversity in teams on decision maker’s illusion of control. The results of these experiments provide evidence for a positive influence of high cognitive diversity for debiasing judgment while similarly indicating no such effect for groups with low cognitive diversity. These findings suggest that group composition aspects can play an important role for improving judgment in decision making teams and open promising new avenues for studying debiasing in behavioral strategy research. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

Bottom-up collaborative planning was successfully integrated as a foresight methodology with top-down rational planning. Participants structured an influence map defining 20-year strategic challenges and solutions. The most highly-leveraged priorities become apparent only following structured dialogue. Structured dialogue enabled strong agreement for collaborative action. Planning for a newly-formed organization was enabled by agreement on priorities and group identity. An action case study demonstrates an effective integration of collaborative planning using long-range foresight in a hierarchical government research organization.

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