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November 8, 1519, taking up residence in a specially designated compound in the city. Though Moctezuma followed Cortés' instructions in continually as

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November 8, 1519, taking up residence in a specially designated compound in the city. Though Moctezuma followed Cortés’ instructions in continually assuring his subjects that he had been ordered by the gods to move in with the Spaniards and that he had done so willingly, the Aztecs suspected the conquest of america todorov pdf. Cuba to arrest Cortés for insubordination. When Cortés told the defeated soldiers about the riches of Tenochtitlan, they agreed to join him.

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Reinforced by Narvaez’s men, Cortés headed back to Tenochtitlan. During Cortés’ absence, Pedro de Alvarado in Tenochtitlan obtained information that the Aztecs were about to attack him. In retaliation, the Aztecs laid siege to the Spanish compound, in which Moctezuma was still being held captive. Cortés ordered Moctezuma to address his people from a terrace in order to persuade them to stop fighting and to allow the Spaniards to leave the city in peace. The Aztecs, however, jeered at Moctezuma, and pelted him with stones and darts.

By Spanish accounts, he was killed in this assault by the Mexica people, though they claim he had been killed instead by the Spanish. With Moctezuma dead, Cortés and Alvarado knew they were in a precarious position. Under constant attack, with gunpowder and food and water in short supply, Cortés decided to break out of the city by night. In order to put the Aztecs off their guard, he sent messengers asking for a one-week ceasefire, at the end of which the Spaniards would return any treasure of which they were in possession and would be permitted to leave the city peacefully. Since the Aztecs had damaged bridges on four of the eight causeways into the island city, the Spaniards devised a portable bridge they could use in order to cross any unspanned sections of water. Cortés ordered that as much of the accumulated gold and other booty as was feasible be packed and carried away, and invited the Spanish soldiers to take and carry away as much as they wished of the remainder.

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This invitation would lead to the demise of many soldiers who, overburdened with treasure, found it impossible to navigate the causeways and other obstacles encountered on the way out of the city. The causeway was apparently unguarded, and the Spaniards made their way out of their complex unnoticed, winding their way through the sleeping city under the cover of a rainstorm. As the Spaniards and their native allies reached the causeway, hundreds of canoes appeared in the waters alongside to harry them. The Spaniards fought their way across the causeway in the rain. Weighed down by gold and equipment, some of the soldiers lost their footing, fell into the lake, and drowned. Cortés’ eyes, as he realized the extent of the debacle.