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She was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for The art of passing the buck pdf download. China soon after their marriage on July 8, 1880,

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She was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for The art of passing the buck pdf download. China soon after their marriage on July 8, 1880, but returned to the United States for Pearl’s birth. Asia under the pen name Cornelia Spencer. Chinese man in Zhenjiang, c.

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She recalled in her memoir that she lived in “several worlds”, one a “small, white, clean Presbyterian world of my parents”, and the other the “big, loving merry not-too-clean Chinese world”, and there was no communication between them. Chinese friends deserted them, and Western visitors decreased. Her father, convinced that no Chinese could wish him harm, stayed behind as the rest of the family went to Shanghai for safety. A few years later, Pearl was enrolled in Miss Jewell’s School there, and was dismayed at the racist attitudes of the other students, few of whom could speak any Chinese. English by her mother, in the local dialect by her Chinese playmates, and in classical Chinese by a Chinese scholar named Mr.

Although she had not intended to return to China, much less become a missionary, she quickly applied to the Presbyterian Board when her father wrote that her mother was seriously ill. In 1914, Pearl returned to China. That autumn, they returned to China. Nationalist troops, Communist forces, and assorted warlords, several Westerners were murdered. Since her father Absalom insisted, as he had in 1900 in the face of the Boxers, the family decided to stay in Nanjing until the battle reached the city. When violence broke out, a poor Chinese family invited them to hide in their hut while the family house was looted. The family spent a day terrified and in hiding, after which they were rescued by American gunboats.

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