The art of computer programming sorting and searching pdf

From the the art of computer programming sorting and searching pdf of computing, the sorting problem has attracted a great deal of research, perhaps d

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From the the art of computer programming sorting and searching pdf of computing, the sorting problem has attracted a great deal of research, perhaps due to the complexity of solving it efficiently despite its simple, familiar statement. A comparison sort examines the data only by comparing two elements with a comparison operator.

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Exchange sorts include bubble sort and quicksort. Selection sorts include shaker sort and heapsort. Whether the algorithm is serial or parallel. The remainder of this discussion almost exclusively concentrates upon serial algorithms and assumes serial operation. Adaptability: Whether or not the presortedness of the input affects the running time.

An example of stable sort on playing cards. When the cards are sorted by rank with a stable sort, the two 5s must remain in the same order in the sorted output that they were originally in. When they are sorted with a non-stable sort, the 5s may end up in the opposite order in the sorted output. Stable sort algorithms sort identical elements in the same order that they appear in the input. When sorting some kinds of data, only part of the data is examined when determining the sort order.

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For example, in the card sorting example to the right, the cards are being sorted by their rank, and their suit is being ignored. This allows the possibility of multiple different correctly sorted versions of the original list. Stable sorting algorithms choose one of these, according to the following rule: if two items compare as equal, like the two 5 cards, then their relative order will be preserved, so that if one came before the other in the input, it will also come before the other in the output. A sorting algorithm is stable if whenever there are two records R and S with the same key, and R appears before S in the original list, then R will always appear before S in the sorted list. When equal elements are indistinguishable, such as with integers, or more generally, any data where the entire element is the key, stability is not an issue.

Stability is also not an issue if all keys are different. Unstable sorting algorithms can be specially implemented to be stable. One way of doing this is to artificially extend the key comparison, so that comparisons between two objects with otherwise equal keys are decided using the order of the entries in the original input list as a tie-breaker. Remembering this order, however, may require additional time and space. One application for stable sorting algorithms is sorting a list using a primary and secondary key. Sorting playing cards using stable sort. Within each suit, the stable sort preserves the ordering by rank that was already done.