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This article is about star wars scum and villainy pdf fictional planet. Lucas opened the story on the fourth moon of the planet Utapau, the home of a

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This article is about star wars scum and villainy pdf fictional planet. Lucas opened the story on the fourth moon of the planet Utapau, the home of a young warrior called Annikin Starkiller.

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Tunisia to provide the desert planet setting. Filming in Tunisia began on 22 March 1976 and immediately ran into difficulty: the region was experiencing its first heavy rainfall in seven years, which disrupted the setting of an arid desert planet. Lars homestead and moisture farm. Ghoumrassen were used for Tatooine scenes. Abandoned sets for the filming have been left in the desert. In the opening scene, the planet and two of its moons are seen in space against a sea of stars, forming the backdrop of a space battle which sets in motion the events of the film.

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