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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The original and second Death Stars. It was crewed by an estimated 1. star wars essential guide to w

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The original and second Death Stars. It was crewed by an estimated 1. star wars essential guide to weapons and technology pdf million military personnel and 400,000 droids.

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Its superweapon delivered enough energies on a scale equivalent to all the energy released by the Sun in an entire week. Death Star being a large, spherical space station over 100 kilometers in diameter was consistent in all of them. In a 2016 interview, Cantwell related that “I didn’t originally plan for the Death Star to have a trench, but when I was working with the mold, I noticed the two halves had shrunk at the point where they met across the middle. As it “would have taken a week of work just to fill and sand and refill this depression,” Cantwell suggested a trench to Lucas to save the labor. Only the front side of the 137-centimeter model was completed, and the image was flipped horizontally for the final film.

100 kilometers in diameter capable of destroying a planet with one shot of its superlaser. Tarkin has Alderaan destroyed anyway, as a demonstration of the Death Star’s firepower and the Empire’s resolve. As they make their escape, Obi-Wan dies fighting Darth Vader, enabling the others to flee the station. Later, Luke returns as part of a fighter force to attack its only weak point: a ray-shielded particle exhaust vent leading straight from the surface directly into its reactor core.

Luke was able to successfully launch his fighter’s torpedoes into the vent, impacting the core and triggering a catastrophic explosion, which completely destroyed the station before it could use its superlaser weapon to annihilate its intended target, the rebel base on Yavin IV. Ghost of Geonosis” hinted that the Geonosians were nearly wiped out to extinction out of the Empire’s need for secrecy. Geonosis to investigate, deduced the Empire possesses a superweapon and resolved to discover the Death Star as depicted in the final season two-parter “In the Name of the Rebellion. Though it was a dead end, finding only scientists being abducted by the Empire, Saw learned the weapon is powered by kyber crystals taken from the Jedha system. The Death Star project was overseen by Orson Krennic, the Director of Advanced Weapons Research for the Imperial Military. Jedha City both as a response to a violent insurgency on the planet, and as a display of the Death Star’s operational status to restore the Empire’s confidence in the project. Grand Moff Tarkin assumes control over the Death Star while Krennic investigates security breaches in the design project.

It is subsequently revealed that Galen discreetly sabotaged the design by building a vulnerability into the reactor. After the Death Star plans are stolen from the Scarif vault, Tarkin fires the Death Star laser on the base killing Krennic, as well as Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor. The canonical population of the first Death Star was 1. It also reveals how Poggle worked with Krennic on the Project but then turned on him. Death Star’s superlaser is powered by multiple reactors, allowing it to vary its destructive power depending on the target. Skeptical of the station’s power, Tarkin ordered that it first be tested on Jedha City using a single reactor. Subsequently, a second single-reactor test would destroy their installation on Scarif, along with the Rebel strike force who had successfully stolen the station’s plans.

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Death Star was tested with all reactors employed. Rebels false information that the station’s weapons systems are not operational in order to lure them into a trap. Death Star II, as well as the events directly after its destruction. One of the main characters in the story personally escaped the explosion of the Death Star.

The destruction of the second Death Star was also shown in holograms in the book. Death Star’s destruction, and features a hologram of its description on multiple occasions in and out of cutscenes. Thousands of years prior, a battle was waged on Malachor that resulted in the deaths of its inhabitants. Kanan and Ezra arrived, Ezra was separated from them.