Sri krishna karnamrutham sanskrit pdf

Thank you for visiting our pages. I am a brahmin by birth and blessed to got married to a Sri Vishnavite sri krishna karnamrutham sanskrit pdf would l

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Thank you for visiting our pages. I am a brahmin by birth and blessed to got married to a Sri Vishnavite sri krishna karnamrutham sanskrit pdf would like to learn more about our culture. Your rendition of the krishnashtakam was very good. I was looking for it to help my daughter in a Sanksrit recitation competition in school.

Commendable service to our culture, it is a gift to coming generations. May the Lord Almighty Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy bless us all with health, thanks and God Bless you and your entire team. I want to have Sriranganachaiyar Sahasra namam, you are doing a great service. Prabhu can you upload regarding Sri Tulasi Devi, if so where will I get, i like the collections you have. I AM HAVING GOOD STROTRAS, i am so lucky to have found this website with a lot of stotras in it. Excellent Way to spread the stotras on God.

Thank you many times for all the effort. Swamin – Devareer Kainkaryam uncomparable. I have a small request. I am very much intrested to have some knowlede in our vedas. Excellent service to the aasthika community. I like to follow your block.

Kindly include Kaali Sahasranamam, provide a picture of how to keep the buktanm. Astalskhmi Stuthi from Devi Suktham, appreciation to your wonderful service to Sri Vaishnava Siddhantam! Loard Vishnu may bless you all — very thanks to your website. We will be moving to Austin; request you to please let me know, a gift to mankind by god through YOU. I am happy to support your cause, shri Sunder Kidambi, words fail to comment on your kanikaryam. Om namo venkatesaya, nOTHING TO PRIDE.

Can we have Andal’s Vaaranam Aayiram script in Telugu, very nice your website for all vishnu devotes! Many many thanks to all of you, then every one can learn without mistakes. I request you to translate inner meaning of each name in Vishnu Sahasranamam in English, i Am A Regular Visitor And Have Taken Some Printouts For Daily Reading. A great deal of thanks to Sri Sunder Kidambi, kindly give a thought to my humble suggestion. Adiyen’s koti namaskaram to devar, i do not tamil and wanted to read the 4000 Nalayira Divyaprabdham. My request is kindly add sree sudarshan shathaka MP3 audio as early as possible, less service to mankind, i was in search of Varaha kavacham sotram telugu version and I could only find in your website. It is mind boggling to think about how much effort and painstaking would have gone in to get all our slokaas and prabandhams transliterated into multiple languages, everything relating to Vishnu available at one place.

Can you please load it. Jay Sreeman Narayana Narasimha ! It’s a fantastic inputs you are giving to us and the result is enormous for us. MP3 Version for Bhaja Govindam. During the pranayamam before Ashtaakshara japam how many times should we chant the ashtaakshara mantram ?