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This review is intended to help surgeons choose a primary hip replacement implant and evaluate implant selection in light of clinical data and economi

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This review is intended to help surgeons choose a primary hip replacement implant and evaluate implant selection in light of clinical data and economic pressures. We review the goals of hip replacement surgery, the role of implant selection in meeting those goals, and the factors that influence implant selection. Specific design features are discussed and, where possible, their value in the overall design concept is appraised. A strategy for specialty day hip and knee aaos program pdf selection is described which minimizes implant costs and provides uncompromised results.

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You can observe a lot by watching. Approximately one third of medical problems in children are related to the musculoskeletal system. Most of these problems are common and can be precisely diagnosed. For these problems, nonoperative treatment or reassurance can be given by the pediatrician. Occasionally, a problem needs surgical treatment, but a precise diagnosis must be made. There is little agreement about what types of orthopedic problems a primary care pediatrician should understand in order to effectively care for children.

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Many pediatric residencies lack an organized teaching curriculum that effectively covers these topics or that includes a required pediatric orthopedic rotation. Require recognition and urgent surgical treatment. Are common, need no surgical treatment, and are well managed by the pediatrician without referral. Whenever possible, the diagnosis should be made before a decision to refer is made.