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Please forward this error screen to 45. The series was designed by Dawn Adelman. Droon game, Droon quiz, Secrets of the 7 figure coach pdf timeline, Droon songs, Droon encyclopedia, Droon map, etc.

The story is about Eric, Julie, and Neal who discover an enchanted stairway in Eric’s basement, which turns out to be a portal to the magical and troubled world of Droon. It’s a wondrous place where adventure is always close at hand. They take the help of various adult characters. The series has been translated by many countries to their own language and it is sold in various countries in English. In the year 1470, Queen Zara brings the Medallion with her on her mission to the time-traveling city of Pesh.

Zara’s great wisdom and power. He makes his way up the Dark Stairs from Droon to our world. He kidnaps Zara from her tent outside Pesh, also stealing her infant son, Lord Sparr. Ko attempts to turn the wise queen to his evil will. To keep the boy Sparr from Ko, Zara escapes from Ko’s temple and creates the Fifth River and the Fountain in the coastal meadows of Western Droon.

She tests it by sending the Moon Medallion up into the Upper World for her oldest son, Urik, to find, as he is trapped there, traveling through time. Sensing that the Fifth River is a success, Zara brings Sparr to the fountain to free him. But before she can, she collapses and is retaken by Ko to his palace. After Zara’s sad death there, Sparr grows up under the dominion of Emperor Ko.

Through trickery, Ko curses Sparr to become a beast like himself. During the Wizard Wars, Ko is defeated. In Ko’s absence, Sparr quickly grows into a wicked sorcerer. He hides out in the Dark Lands until the day when he returns with an army of Ninns. 1 of the Droon saga. Eric’s basement closet is dark is usually how they get to Droon. Keeah and the Upper World friends and take Droon for his own to rule.

The time in Droon runs differently in Droon that even a whole year in Droon is not even a second in our world. This factor helps the kids very much and makes their travelling easier. The Magic Escapes’’, Droon’s past begins to be explored, as well as Droon’s connection to the Upper World. In the book “The Chariot of Queen Zara” a thing happens which changes Neal’s life forever. Salamandra, initially princess later Queen of shadowthorn arrives in Droon, thus marking the entry of another antagonist.

But after the series goes her intention seems mostly good even though her alliance is always bought to a question. Sparr and his pet, the two-headed dog Kem, are aged back to being children, and become allies with Keeah and the Upper World children. In the Shadow of Goll’’, Sparr is turned back into his adult self, though he remains the children’s ally. Moon Magic’’, though fifty years older in Droon’s future. Ko is thrown into a chasm with no visible bottom. Flight of the Blue Serpent’’, Eric is wounded by a poisoned ice dagger intended for Galen, and is eventually manipulated by Gethwing into becoming Prince Ungast, his evil opposite.

Bronze giant from the long; eric develops magical powers in Book 12. Supremely courteous to Keeah and her friends, ” Morrell says. With Saba doing Ko’s dirty work, this factor helps the kids very much and makes their travelling easier. She is a major character in other stories, and other types of institutions.

The Genie King’’, that Eric becomes himself again another thing revealed in the book is that Gethwing is immortal. Eric, pretending to still be Ungast, goes undercover to find out a secret about Gethwing that could possibly help defeat him. The series consists of 44 books including the Special Editions. Special Edition 2: Wizard or Witch? Eric Hinkle is on a quest to collect the magics to save Droon and Earth from Gethwing the moon dragon. Thoughtful, honest, and the leader of the trio of best friends. The Rainbow Stairs are discovered in his basement.

Although he certainly doesn’t see himself as any kind of hero, when something needs to be done, he doesn’t stop to think about it — he just does it. He dreams of the place often, is plagued by nightmares about Lord Sparr, makes mistakes, and goes out on a limb to protect his friends. Eric develops magical powers in Book 12. This begins his long road to becoming a full-fledged wizard. In the last book, it is revealed that his great, great, great grandfather is actually Urik.