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A flexi disc could be moulded with speech or music and bound into the text with a perforated seam, at very little cost and without any requirement for

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A flexi disc could be moulded with speech or music and bound into the text with a perforated seam, at very little cost and without any requirement for a hard binding. Real estate track record pdf problem with using the thinner vinyl was that the stylus’s weight, combined with the flexi disc’s low mass, would sometimes cause the disc to stop spinning on the turntable and become held in place by the stylus. For this reason, most flexi discs had a spot on the face of the disc for a coin, or other small, flat, weighted object to increase the friction with the turntable surface and enforce consistent rotation.

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If the turntable’s surface is not completely flat, it is recommended that the flexi disc be placed on top of a full sized record. 12-sided clear flexidisk, bound alternating with pages giving the titles and birds on the recordings. The recording has the sounds of the funeral procession to St. Paul’s, a hymn sung by the leaders of the world, and an excerpt of the funeral sermon. Excerpts from various recordings of Churchill’s speeches are included.

The recording ends with bagpipes accompanying Churchill’s coffin to the funeral barge on the Thames, as the public phase of the funeral ends. Soundsheets in several special editions. There was also a “Mad Disco” special issue containing a Soundsheet. Live 77 was a special single-sided promo gold flexi disc given as a bonus to children who sold magazines and books at Christmas for Jultidningsförlaget, a publishing company using door sales as their main distribution channel. The disc contained excerpts from the Swedish group’s recent concert appearance in Australia.

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With a production order of 10,500,000 copies, it became the largest single press run of any record at the time. American manufacturer Eva-Tone, believed to be one of the last manufacturers of flexi discs, stopped production of the product in August 2000. San Francisco, California, USA, has started production of flexi discs of various sizes and color. The content on the disc features “100 percent exclusive songs” from artists that have been previously featured in the publication.

AP subscription as a limited edition offer. Due to manufacturing delays the discs arrived packaged with the November issue of AP magazine in mid December. It is estimated that fewer than 100 of the discs will ever be found and they will be a valuable collector’s item for many years. In the summer 2013 issue of German fanzine PUNKROCK! Riots, based in Oslo, Norway, gave away a free 2-track exclusive flexi disc to the 200 odd subscribers of the fanzine.

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