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It is indisputable that digitalization may tap previously unused potentials in industry. However, the amount of approaches for implementing digitaliza

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It is indisputable that digitalization may tap previously unused potentials in industry. However, the amount of approaches for implementing digitalization in tool management reaching potentials vol 2 pdf scarce. To close this gap, this paper proposes a framework for approaching digitalization in tool management. The framework consists of three sequential steps.

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In the second step, the digitalization levers and their influence on these three goals are determined. Three of the most important levers are the development of competencies, the integration of databases and the usage of track and trace technologies. In the third step, measures for the implementation process need to be derived. For assisting companies in determining the gap between the current and the target status, a Readiness-Model is presented.

The developed three-step framework increases the transparency of the potentials and provides a guideline for the implementation process. Peer-review under responsibility of the scientific committee of The 50th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems. Forty-five comatose patients were prospectively studied by means of clinica l examination and evoked potentials. For each physiological test, a progressive grading system was designed. This system was based on the evaluation of central conduction times along the trigeminal and the auditory pathways within the brain-stem. Similar results were provided by the BAEP and the BTEP, with significant improvement in the confidence of outcome prediction.

No significant difference in the accuracy of outcome predictions could be found between combined clinical data and neurophysiological data. The TAG score demonstrated the highest accuracy at each confidence level as compared to other single indicants. We concluded that the TAG score may improve the evaluation of deep comatose patients and assist the physician in the management of such patients. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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