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In the domain of the family, fathers or father-figures privilege power and difference chapter 4 pdf authority over women and children. Historically, p

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In the domain of the family, fathers or father-figures privilege power and difference chapter 4 pdf authority over women and children. Historically, patriarchy has manifested itself in the social, legal, political, religious and economic organization of a range of different cultures.

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Even if not explicitly defined to be by their own constitutions and laws, most contemporary societies are, in practice, patriarchal. However, in modern times, it more generally refers to social systems in which power is primarily held by adult men. One example definition of patriarchy by Sylvia Walby is “a system of interrelated social structures which allow men to exploit women”. In modern times, the term was borrowed by social sciences and humanities and its meaning was widened in order to describe and define particular male-dominated and male-centered aspects of cultural and social life.