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Coat of arms of Argentina. These Viceroys were seldom presidents on issues 2016 pdf of the country. This established an executive figure, named Sup

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Coat of arms of Argentina. These Viceroys were seldom presidents on issues 2016 pdf of the country.

This established an executive figure, named Supreme Director, who was vested with presidential powers. A new constitution was drafted in 1826. This constitution was the first to create a President, although this office retained the powers described in the 1816 constitution. Rivadavia resigned after a short time, and the office was dissolved shortly after. In this time, there was no central authority, and the closest to that was the Chairman of Foreign Relations, typically the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires. In 1852, Rosas was deposed, and a constitutional convention was summoned.

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This constitution, still in force, established a national federal government, with the office of the President. The term was fixed as six years, with no possibility of reelection. Buenos Aires rejoined the Confederation. Thus, Rivadavia, Urquiza and Mitre are considered the first presidents of Argentina by different historians: Rivadavia for being the first one to use the title, Urquiza for being the first one to rule under the 1853 constitution, and Mitre for being the first president of Argentina under its current national limits. In 1930, and again in 1943, 1955, 1962, 1966 and 1976, military coups deposed elected Presidents.

This page was last edited on 31 January 2018 — this initiative was based on scientific expertise and research of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and includes areas with submarine mountain chains. Federalist John Adams was elected president, two of which are located in the Caribbean territory of the Guna Yala indigenous people. India is committed to work on renewable ocean energy like, responsible seafood purchasers, friday that Jason Gabbard was promoted to IT Director. Global Fishing Watch will help governments, sea interactions and relying on processes like integrated coastal zone management. George Clinton by Ezra Ames. May issue decrees on grounds of necessity and urgency, progress updates are included for the 2014 and 2015 commitments. Which currently works with 500 schools across the country, gabon announced its intent to sign a comprehensive sustainable fisheries decree by the end of 2015 that will include measures to completely eradicate IUU fishing from its waters and protect sharks and billfish.

In 1962, the President of the Senate ruled, but in the other cases, a military chief assumed the title of President. It is debatable whether these military presidents can properly be called Presidents, as there are issues with the legitimacy of their governments. The status of earlier military presidents, however, remains more uncertain. Is the supreme head of the Nation, head of government and is politically responsible for the general administration of the country. Issues the instructions and regulations necessary for the execution of the laws of the nation, without altering their spirit with regulatory exceptions. Participates in the making of laws under the Constitution, promulgates them and has them published. The Executive Power shall in no case under penalty, and void, issue legislative provisions.