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Click on thumbnail to see full-size image. How one peter sis the wall pdf views objects. When viewed with proper convergence, the repeating pattern

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Click on thumbnail to see full-size image. How one peter sis the wall pdf views objects.

When viewed with proper convergence, the repeating patterns appear to float above or below the background. One such autostereogram is illustrated above right. A hidden 3D scene emerges when the image is viewed with the correct convergence. When viewed with the proper vergence, an autostereogram does the same, the binocular disparity existing in adjacent parts of the repeating 2D patterns. An image designed for wall-eyed viewing if viewed correctly will appear to pop out of the background, while if viewed cross-eyed it will instead appear as a cut-out behind the background and may be difficult to bring entirely into focus.

When people looked at these flat, two-dimensional pictures, they experienced the illusion of three-dimensional depth. Brewster also discovered the “wallpaper effect”. He noticed that staring at repeated patterns in wallpapers could trick the brain into matching pairs of them as coming from the same virtual object on a virtual plane behind the walls. Dove described “cross-eyed viewing as a stereoscope” with a standard pair of stereoscopic images. Bell Laboratories on recognizing camouflaged objects from aerial pictures taken by spy planes. Julesz used a computer to create a stereo pair of random-dot images which, when viewed under a stereoscope, caused the brain to see 3D shapes. This proved that depth perception is a neurological process.

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This type of autostereogram allows a person to see 3D shapes from a single 2D image without the aid of optical equipment. In addition to classical stereo it adds smoothness as an important assumption in the surface reconstruction. This is an example of a wallpaper with repeated horizontal patterns. Each pattern is repeated exactly every 140 pixels. Non-repeating patterns such as arrows and words, on the other hand, appear on the plane where this text lies. The distance at which this plane lies behind the wall depends only on the spacing between identical elements.

Autostereograms use this dependence of depth on spacing to create three-dimensional images. If, over some area of the picture, the pattern is repeated at smaller distances, that area will appear closer than the background plane. This autostereogram displays patterns on three different planes by repeating the patterns at different spacings. People who have never been able to perceive 3D shapes hidden within an autostereogram find it hard to understand remarks such as, “the 3D image will just pop out of the background, after you stare at the picture long enough”, or “the 3D objects will just emerge from the background”. It helps to illustrate how 3D images “emerge” from the background from a second viewer’s perspective. If the virtual 3D objects reconstructed by the autostereogram viewer’s brain were real objects, a second viewer observing the scene from the side would see these objects floating in the air above the background image.

130 pixels on the second plane, and the tiger icons every 120 pixels on the highest plane. The closer a set of icons are packed horizontally, the higher they are lifted from the background plane. This picture illustrates how 3D shapes from an autostereogram “emerge” from the background plane, when the autostereogram is viewed with proper eye divergence. The brain is capable of almost instantly matching hundreds of patterns repeated at different intervals in order to recreate correct depth information for each pattern. An autostereogram may contain some 50 tigers of varying size, repeated at different intervals against a complex, repeated background. Yet, despite the apparent chaotic arrangement of patterns, the brain is able to place every tiger icon at its proper depth. The brain can place every tiger icon on its proper depth plane.

Depth map example autostereogram: Patterns in this autostereogram appear at different depth across each row. Depth map greyscale example autostereogram: The black, gray and white colors in the background represent a depth map showing changes in depth across row. Autostereograms where patterns in a particular row are repeated horizontally with the same spacing can be read either cross-eyed or wall-eyed. However, icons in a row do not need to be arranged at identical intervals.

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