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Cars did not become parts of a car and their functions pdf available until the early 20th century. Western Europe and other parts of the world. Cars h

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Cars did not become parts of a car and their functions pdf available until the early 20th century. Western Europe and other parts of the world. Cars have controls for driving, parking, passenger comfort and safety, and controlling a variety of lights. Over the decades, additional features and controls have been added to vehicles, making them progressively more complex.

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There are costs and benefits to car use. Road traffic accidents are the largest cause of injury-related deaths worldwide. The benefits include on-demand transportation, mobility, independence, and convenience. The ability for people to move flexibly from place to place has far-reaching implications for the nature of societies. It was estimated in 2014 that the number of cars was over 1.

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Autocar” is a variant that is also attested from 1895, but that is now considered archaic. It literally means “self-propelled car”. Over time, the word “automobile” fell out of favour in Britain, and was replaced by “motor car”. Automobile” remains chiefly North American, particularly as a formal or commercial term.