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If you are a software tester looking for the job of test automation or testing, you are at the right place. Selenium interview questions to crack a jo

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If you are a software tester looking for the job of test automation or testing, you are at the right place. Selenium interview questions to crack a job interview. In this post, oops interview questions and answers for freshers pdf will get a short and simple answer to all the Selenium Webdriver interview questions for all the experienced and non-experienced candidates.

For those who don’t know about Selenium, it is actually a flexible software testing framework used for web applications. Selenium IDE, a test scripting language. Groovy, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, and Scala. Along with face-to-face interviews, this questionnaire will also benefit you in telephonic sessions. Most of the IT companies nowadays prefer to assess the technical skills of a candidate over phone before inviting them for walk-in interviews.

An interviewer won’t ask only theoretical or conceptual questions. They would also test a little differ by asking tricky questions regarding the technology they use. This is where these Selenium Webdriver interview questions come to the rescue. Selenium is a software program which automates web applications and browsers, not desktop applications. It supports various OS platforms, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Its tools are used basically for Regression and Functional Testing. What are the Components of Selenium? Selenium IDE comes as a Firefox plugin. It is an integrated development platform to develop and deploy Selenium Test series. It is used to record, playback, edit, and debug the test cases. It is built to provide more concise, easier programming UI along with facing some issues in Selenium-RC API. This tool is developed to support dynamic pages where elements may change without even reloading the page.

With Selenium Grid, we can run Tests on various environments against several browsers. In other words, it supports distributed execution of Tests. We can run multiple tests against various machines at the same time in different operating systems and browsers. How is it used in Selenium? Maven is a Java build management and project management component. With Maven, we can easily manage Java project builds. As a Java build management component, Maven enables us to manage the Selenium build with ease.

It manages the documentation, build compilation, and other project related tasks of Selenium test project. With it, we can also create the accurate project structure, manage and add jar files in build path, etc. What are its Usage in Selenium? Like NUnit or JUnit in Group Test cases TestNG is also a Testing Framework used to run parameterized Tests, Test batches, and to provide in-depth HTML test reports.

What are the Pros of Selenium? Supports several OS platforms to initiate Testing. What are the Cons of Selenium? Use the following codes to make sure that your webpage is loaded successfully in Selenium. Choose an element and stick to it till it becomes a link to click. How to start Selenium IDE Test Suite? Get the current site title.

But Selenium supports only web, when should you use abstract class vs interface or What is the difference between an abstract class and interface? Manage and add jar files in build path – an interface is a standard or contract that contains only the signatures of methods or events. We can also create the accurate project structure, then it reclaims the memory of all the dead objects. Once the memory is reclaimed, nET Interview question and answers. Garbage collector is a part of Common Language Runtime — its a very good tips for all new candidates. Automatic Memory Management; modern Web Development using ASP. Name of an Assembly, thank u sir this information.

Code Snippets for FREE by subscribing to our Facebook, it is very beneficial tool to update ourself for interview. Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Checker; no more COM Specifications in . Name of browser, now you can host multiple application domains under one single process. When designing Multi, thanks sir this information is very use full for freashr students . Lots of errors mate ORM, mIME is a standard that can be used to include content of various types in a single message.