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In 1920, New York adopted Emergency Rent Laws, which effectively charged new york state landlord law pdf courts of New York State with their administr

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In 1920, New York adopted Emergency Rent Laws, which effectively charged new york state landlord law pdf courts of New York State with their administration. When challenged by tenants, rent increases were reviewed by a standard of “reasonableness. The definition of reasonableness was subject to judicial interpretation.

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Certain apartments were decontrolled beginning in 1926, and the Rent Laws of 1920 expired completely in June 1929, though limited protections against unjust evictions were continued. New York’s current rent control program, which began in 1943, is the longest-running in the United States. From 1943 to 1950, rent control was administered by the federal government but has been administered by state government since 1950, although state and city agencies shared administrative work from 1962 to 1984. Rent regulation affects rent increases and prescribes rights and obligations for tenants and landlords. Rent control exists in New York City and a small list of other municipalities in Nassau, Westchester, Albany, Rensselear, Schenectady, and Erie Counties. To qualify for rent control, a tenant must have been continuously living in an apartment since July 1, 1971, or be the qualifying family member who succeeded to such tenancy.

When vacant, the unit becomes rent stabilized, except in buildings with fewer than six units, where it is usually removed from the program. In apartments within single and two-family homes, the tenant must have been residing in the unit continuously since March 31, 1953 in order to qualify for rent control. Once the unit becomes vacant, it leaves the rent control program and is not eligibile for rent stabilization. Rent control does not generally apply to units built after 1947.