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Some space companies market colonization via ego and romanticism, not evidence. Some space companies are not disclosing the extent of michael harris i

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Some space companies market colonization via ego and romanticism, not evidence. Some space companies are not disclosing the extent of michael harris insight selling pdf to the public. Narratives of biological determinism, inclusivity and saving humanity are challenged. Marketing ethics are important factors in considering colonizing space.

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More research is needed before humans can venture safely into space. Extensive media coverage regarding the proposal to send four people to Mars by 2025 has exploded recently. Private enterprise has taken the reins to venture into space, which has typically only been reserved for government agencies. I argue, that with this new direction comes less regulation, raising questions regarding the ethics of sending people into outer space to colonize Mars within a decade.

Marketers selling colonization to the public include perspectives such as biological drives, species survival, inclusiveness and utopian ideals. I challenge these narratives by suggesting that much of our desire to colonize space within the next decade is motivated by ego, money and romanticism. More specifically, I will examine the roles that fear and stories of immortality play within selling space and how those stories are marketed. I am passionate about space and hope that one day humanity will colonize other worlds, but the rush to settle is dangerous and careless. I assert that humanity should first gain more experience and knowledge before colonizing outer space, using this research to mitigate the risk to astronauts and proceed with careful consideration for the lives of potential astronauts.

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