Make it don”t buy it edited by john warde pdf

Make it don't buy it edited by john warde pdf of the 50 Ft. Based on the play by George Emerson Brewer Jr. This page was last edited on 30 January 201

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Make it don’t buy it edited by john warde pdf of the 50 Ft. Based on the play by George Emerson Brewer Jr. This page was last edited on 30 January 2018, at 09:35.

Every generation has its modern carpetbaggers, its adventurers who gamble everything to stand head and shoulders above other men. Among them could be a creative giant, a do-gooder, a tyrant or a plunderer — a man who leaves his personal brand on everything and everyone he touches. The legend of Jonas spanned almost two decades and it began that April morning in the nineteen twenties in the sky over the Nevada desert. America’s richest men in the early twentieth century, inheriting an explosives company from his late father.

Jonas resents his alcoholic father bitterly and is psychologically scarred from the death of an insane twin brother. Afraid that his brother’s insanity is carried in the bloodline, Jonas avoids romantic commitments and doesn’t want children of his own. He hates for anyone to call him “Junior” – or especially to call him “crazy” – with his reckless ways and wild money-making schemes. Jonas buys up all the company stock including some held by Nevada Smith, a former western gunslinger. Once a wanted man named Max Sand, Nevada reformed and changed his name. In his new identity, Nevada had practically raised Jonas in the absence of his father. However, Jonas always investigates his associates and has uncovered the truth about Nevada’s past.

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Rina Marlowe, a shapely blonde. She was his first girlfriend, much adored, in his naive youth. When he introduced her to his father, the elder Cord had promptly seduced and married her. He despises her for marrying his father strictly for money. Rina is portrayed as a sexually assertive gold-digger and expert manipulator of men, but she can’t get the best of Jonas. Rina takes the money and moves to Paris, partying her way through the Roaring Twenties, ending up penniless but still beautiful. Jonas becomes an aviation pioneer and his wealth grows.

Flying across the country, always busy with new deals and schemes, he lives in hotel suites, with no permanent home, even though he now owns his father’s house. A hard drinker and womanizer, Jonas makes no time for leisurely enjoyment of his wealth. Avoiding true friendship, he looks for the inside angle, using people to make money no matter how it hurts them. Jonas soon destroys a business rival named Winthrop, then seduces and marries the man’s daughter Monica. Vivacious and unconventional at first, Monica seems to enjoy Cord’s free-wheeling lifestyle.