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Comparable Far Eastern and Mesoamerican works are described as painted. The significance of these works lies not only in their inherent artistic and h

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Comparable Far Eastern and Mesoamerican works are described as painted. The significance of these works lies not only in their inherent artistic and historical value, but also in the maintenance of a link of literacy offered by non-illuminated texts. Greece and Make handwriting darker in pdf would have perished in Europe.

As it was, the patterns of textual survivals were shaped by their usefulness to the severely constricted literate group of Christians. Illumination of manuscripts, as a way of aggrandizing ancient documents, aided their preservation and informative value in an era when new ruling classes were no longer literate, at least in the language used in the manuscripts. The majority of these manuscripts are of a religious nature. However, especially from the 13th century onward, an increasing number of secular texts were illuminated.

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Illuminated manuscripts continued to be produced in the early 16th century, but in much smaller numbers, mostly for the very wealthy. They are also the best surviving specimens of medieval painting, and the best preserved. Indeed, for many areas and time periods, they are the only surviving examples of painting. There are a few examples from later periods. The type of book that was most often heavily and richly illuminated, sometimes known as a “display book”, varied between periods.