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A hack in progress in Lobby 7. The actions of hackers are governed by an extensive and informal body of precedent, love and other pranks pdf, and ethi

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A hack in progress in Lobby 7. The actions of hackers are governed by an extensive and informal body of precedent, love and other pranks pdf, and ethics.

MIT’s history and student culture. Alumni bloggers on the MIT Alumni Association website also report and document some of the more memorable hacks. This mini-exhibit on hacks is located on the ground floor of the Stata Center, near the cafeteria at the southeastern end of the complex, and may be viewed by visitors during normal office hours. Residents of MIT’s Simmons Hall collaborated to make a smiley face on the building’s facade, December 8, 2002. Over time, the term has been generalized to describe anybody who possesses great technical proficiency in any particular skill, usually combined with an offbeat sense of humor.

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The manifestation of hacker culture in the form of spectacular pranks is the most visible aspect of this culture to the world at large, but many hacker subcultures exist at MIT, and elsewhere. It is a traditional courtesy to leave a note or even engineering drawings behind, as an aid to safe de-installation of a hack. Sometimes, the hacks have been de-installed so quickly that members of the MIT community and the general public have had little opportunity to view them. On very rare occasions, community protests have caused the MIT administration to quietly allow a hack to be re-installed and left for a proper viewing interval.