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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The visual system in animals allows individuals to assimilate information from their surroundings. I

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The visual system in animals allows individuals to assimilate information from their surroundings. If an object was seen directly it was by ‘means of livingstone vision and art the biology of seeing pdf’ coming out of the eyes and again falling on the object.

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A refracted image was, however, seen by ‘means of rays’ as well, which came out of the eyes, traversed through the air, and after refraction, fell on the visible object which was sighted as the result of the movement of the rays from the eye. The second school advocated the so-called ‘intro-mission’ approach which sees vision as coming from something entering the eyes representative of the object. Both schools of thought relied upon the principle that “like is only known by like”, and thus upon the notion that the eye was composed of some “internal fire” which interacted with the “external fire” of visible light and made vision possible. The eye has a central line and everything that reaches the eye through this central line can be seen distinctly. He was the first person to explain that vision occurs when light bounces on an object and then is directed to one’s eyes. But I found it to be completely different.

Helmholtz examined the human eye and concluded that it was, optically, rather poor. The poor-quality information gathered via the eye seemed to him to make vision impossible. He therefore concluded that vision could only be the result of some form of unconscious inferences: a matter of making assumptions and conclusions from incomplete data, based on previous experiences. Inference requires prior experience of the world. However, it is not clear how proponents of this view derive, in principle, the relevant probabilities required by the Bayesian equation.

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