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August 2005, damaging or destroying more than 100 livingston parish public schools 2016 through 2017 pdf the district's 128 school buildings. NOPS ser

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August 2005, damaging or destroying more than 100 livingston parish public schools 2016 through 2017 pdf the district’s 128 school buildings. NOPS served approximately 65,000 students pre-Katrina.

For decades prior to Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, the OPSB-administered system was widely recognized as the lowest performing school district in Louisiana. Caldas, only 12 of the 103 public schools then in operation within the city limits of New Orleans showed reasonably good performance at the beginning of the 21st century. In Katrina’s immediate aftermath, an overwhelmed Orleans Parish School Board asserted that the school system would remain closed indefinitely. The Recovery School District had been created in 2003 to allow the state to take over failing schools, those that fell into a certain “worst-performing” metric.

Five public schools in New Orleans had been transferred to RSD control prior to Katrina. The NOPS system is currently digesting reforms aimed at decentralizing power away from the pre-Katrina school board central bureaucracy to individual school principals and charter school boards, and at vesting choice in parents of public school students, allowing them to enroll their children in almost any school in the district. Charter school accountability is realized by the granting of renewable operating contracts of varying lengths permitting the closure of those not succeeding. In October 2009, the release of annual school performance scores demonstrated continued growth in the academic performance of New Orleans’ public schools.

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Katrina outcomes, a district performance score of 70. Notably, the score of 70. The current RSD superintendent is Patrick Dobard, while the diminished, OPSB portion of NOPS has been led since 2015 by Henderson Lewis. May 12, 2016, all public schools in New Orleans will return to supervision by OPSB by July 1, 2018. NOPS and the subsequent spread of independent public charters was viewed with strong approval, by both parents of students and by citizens in general. A’s or B’s to the schools their children attended. According to the survey, clear majorities of parents and of voters overall did not want the Orleans Parish School Board to regain full administrative control of the NOPS system.