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People believe that more alternatives lead to better negotiation lewicki essentials of negotiation 2016 pdf. But we show that multiple alternatives le

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People believe that more alternatives lead to better negotiation lewicki essentials of negotiation 2016 pdf. But we show that multiple alternatives lead to lower first offers and worse deals. This occurs because multiple alternatives distort the perceived bargaining zone. Distortion is attenuated when negotiators use qualitative evaluation standards.

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And when negotiators no longer determine their offers using their own alternatives. We challenge the assumption that having multiple alternatives is always better than a single alternative by showing that negotiators who have additional alternatives ironically exhibit downward-biased perceptions of their own and their opponent’s reservation price, make lower demands, and achieve worse outcomes in distributive negotiations. Get PDF ebooks at low cost today and enjoy the fun of reading while saving alot of your money! Careers in Psychology Opportunities in a Changing World, Fourth Edition, Tara L. History of Psychology The Making of a Science, First Edition, Edward P. Strategic Management and Business Policy Globalization, Innovation and Sustainablility, Fourteenth Edition, Thomas L. Survey of Accounting, Seventh Edition, Carl S.

Exercises for the Botany Laboratory, Joel A. Essentials of MIS, Eleventh Edition, Kenneth C. Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice, Third Edition, Michael J. Operations Management, 5th Edition, Nada R.

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