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This article is about the film noir. The audience sees only what he does. The opening credits are shown on a series of Christmas cards, which turn out

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This article is about the film noir. The audience sees only what he does. The opening credits are shown on a series of Christmas cards, which turn out lady of the lake pdf be concealing a gun.

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He is invited to the publishers’ offices to discuss his work but soon realizes it is merely a ploy. A slip of the tongue by Lavery occurs, saying that Mrs. Kingsby WAS a beautiful woman before revising it to an “is. Marlowe refuses to divulge anything about his case, so Kane warns him not to cause trouble and releases him. Marlowe learns that a woman’s body has been recovered from a lake owned by Kingsby and that Kingsby’s caretaker was charged with the murder of his wife Muriel. Fromsett suspects that Chrystal is the real killer, as she and Muriel hated each other.

Little Fawn Lake was also where Chrystal was last seen. Marlowe goes to call on Lavery again. Inside the unlocked house, he instead encounters Lavery’s landlady, Mrs. Falbrook, holding a gun she claims to have just found. Upstairs, he finds Lavery dead in the shower, shot several times.

He also finds a handkerchief with the monogram “A F”. Before calling the police, Marlowe goes to the publishing house to confront Fromsett, interrupting a Christmas party there. In private, she denies killing Lavery. Kingsby, learning that Fromsett had hired Marlowe to find Chrystal, tells her theirs will be strictly a business relationship from now on. A furious Fromsett fires the private eye.

Kingsby hires him to find his wife. Marlowe proceeds to inform the police of Lavery’s death. Kane separates them and takes Marlowe into custody, releasing him only after a surge of Christmas spirit. Marlowe obtains more information on Muriel from a newspaper contact. It turns out that Muriel had been a suspect in the suspicious death of her previous employer’s wife. Marlowe finds the parents have been intimidated into keeping silent.

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