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It is also the first film to feature a feud between Bugs and Daffy. Jones' best and most important films. Daffy to better serve as Bugs' foil. This wa

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It is also the first film to feature a feud between Bugs and Daffy. Jones’ best and most important films. Daffy to better serve as Bugs’ foil. This was fueled by Bugs’ popularity lady midnight a long conversation pdf Daffy’s quickly over the years, increasing the desire of the studio’s animators to pair the two together.

Daffy Duck lures Elmer Fudd to Bugs Bunny’s burrow, and watches from aside when Elmer attempts to shoot Bugs. Daffy emerges, irate, and attempts to convince Elmer that Bugs is lying. Their conversation breaks down into Bugs leading Daffy to admit it is duck season by a number of verbal plays. Once Daffy admits it is duck season, Elmer fires his shotgun at Daffy, causing the duck to suffer a temporary setback before he tries again. This repeats multiple times during the short, with Daffy trying different ploys to get Elmer to shoot Bugs, but Bugs continues to outwit him. After Daffy is shot for the third time, he walks away. Elmer tries to shoot him, but no more shells come out of his gun.

Thrilled, Daffy comes back and grabs Elmer’s gun to make sure, only to be shot with the last shell. Daffy then sees a sign that Bugs has nailed to a tree saying “Duck Season Open”. As he sees Elmer approaching, he disguises himself as Bugs, telling him that it’s duck season. Bugs then appears disguised as Daffy, complete with webbed feet and fake bill, and asks Daffy why he thinks it’s duck season.

Daffy points at the tree where he previously saw the “Duck Season Open” sign. However, the sign nailed to that tree now reads “Rabbit Season Open”, implying that Bugs replaced the signs. Elmer, of course, shoots Daffy. After Daffy gets blasted, he goes up to Bugs and says, “You’re desthpicable! The two walk away, getting out of their costumes as Daffy rants to Bugs how despicable he is.

Outraged, Bugs gets in Elmer’s face and claims, “Oh, yeah? Well, there’s other sports besides huntin’, ya know! Elmer blasts him again, tells Bugs that he’s next, and then begins shooting and chases both of them all the way to the rabbit hole. Bugs comes out of his hole and accuses Elmer of “hunting rabbits with an elephant gun,” suggesting Elmer to shoot an elephant instead. Daffy comes into the scene, disguised as a hunting dog and Bugs comes in as a lady hunter. It appears that the outrage of Elmer hunting for sport rather than food has united both rabbit and duck against him. Elmer, however, sees through their disguise and threatens to shoot them.

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