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Winifred and Frederick Price, Sr. While courting Betty, his high kenneth hagin books pdf download sweetheart, he began attending church services with

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Winifred and Frederick Price, Sr. While courting Betty, his high kenneth hagin books pdf download sweetheart, he began attending church services with her.

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Price began attending these services with his wife. West Washington Community Church in 1965. He and his wife Betty co-founded the Crenshaw Christian Center that same year in the Crenshaw section of West Los Angeles, California. As Price and his wife began to take “the first steps to walk by faith,” his following grew “in the operation of faith” and so did his congregation’s membership. Having begun with only nine members, five of whom were family members, his congregation quickly outgrew its facilities. As the ministry’s own literature explains, Price then “followed through with a plan the Lord had shared with him about establishing a new church independent of denominational affiliations. There, the Holy Spirit could operate as He chose, and the Word of God could be taught to His people uncompromisingly.

Thus, in November 1973, Price moved with about 300 church members from West Washington in Los Angeles in order to establish the Crenshaw Christian Center in Inglewood, California. Membership continued to grow, and in 1977 the church was forced to hold two services, with another service added in 1982, because the 1,400-seat sanctuary was always filled to capacity. With triple services starting in 1983, the thought of a 10,000-seat sanctuary moved from a dream to a necessity. At the time of its dedication on January 21, 1990, the dome and the church’s property were both fully paid for, leaving the ministry debt-free.

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