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It was broadcast between 1982 and 2007, and played a role in securing the release of 18 people involved in 13 cases involving miscarriages of justice.

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It was broadcast between 1982 and 2007, and played a role in securing the release of 18 people involved in 13 cases involving miscarriages of justice. TV series that aired in the Kaplan series 6 pdf download between 1957 and 1958. We were all investigating mistakes made before a case comes to trial.

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During this period, criminal justice procedure in the United Kingdom was uncodified. 1986, the police “decided what evidence to disclose. Act had “probably reduced police misconduct” but said that “the evidence of a plethora of post-PACE case papers is that the same old wickednesses continue, although in different guises. Each programme concentrated on a separate case where a miscarriage of justice was alleged to have taken place. BBC1 on 7 April 1982, and concerned a 1977 murder case. It was watched by 11 million viewers.

The programme was cancelled by the BBC in November 2007 as a cost-cutting measure. It was this effort, Berlins believed, and the high financial cost that it entailed, that led to the BBC decision that “the crass value-for-money criterion was not being fulfilled. BBC is supposed to espouse, is all about. Without a dedicated team doing that, many individuals who are wrongly imprisoned will stay there and the British public will remain ignorant of the failings of our justice system. This is a tragedy for the prisoners themselves and our greater society. The Case of the Handful of Hair.

Alf Fox for the murder of his wife and mother-in-law. The victim later said that the crime had not taken place and that it was a figment of her imagination. This follow-up programme produced evidence suggesting that the review was conducted improperly plus further fresh evidence that Spencer could not have committed the crime. Who Was that Masked Man? Jacqueline Fletcher for the murder of her 6-week-old son Glen.

Fletcher was not arrested until three years after Glen’s death. 1987, a crime which another man had confessed to. Sam Hill’s conviction had gone to appeal and was turned down despite David Smith’s public confession to the murder. Megson’s successful appeal, retrial and subsequent release in May 1994. Paul Berry for armed robbery.

Bridgewater Four won their appeal and were released. 1977 convictions of Reg Dudley and Bob Maynard for the murders of Micky Cornwall and Billy Moseley. Lasting 135 days, it had been the longest murder trial in British history. Martin O’Halloran for the murder of Thomas Walker of Polesworth, in Bentley, North Warwickshire in 1975. Alder was left on the floor of the station for 11 minutes and choked to death on his own blood and vomit while police officers stood around him speculating that he was faking illness.

Barri White and Keith Hyatt. Both had their convictions quashed in 2007. On 4 September 2013 Shahidul Ahmed was found guilty of the murder of Rachel more than a decade after her boyfriend was wrongly jailed for the crime. Ahmed’s DNA was found on a steering lock used to disfigure her face after death, and in a hair recovered from her hotpants.

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