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This article is about the defunct town in Russia. 8th century until the end of the itil v3 foundation book pdf century. Atil became the capital of Kha

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This article is about the defunct town in Russia. 8th century until the end of the itil v3 foundation book pdf century. Atil became the capital of Khazaria. 9th-century Arab sources, and the name Atil appears in the 10th century.

At its height, the city was a major center of trade, and consisted of three parts separated by the Volga. The western part contained the administrative center of the city, with a court house and a large military garrison. The eastern part of the city was built later and acted as the commercial center of the Atil, and had many public baths and shops. The island was connected to one of the other parts of the city by a pontoon bridge. Atil in 968 or 969 CE. Atil after 969, indicating that it may have been rebuilt.

Atil was only destroyed in the middle of the 11th century. The archaeological remains of Atil have never been positively identified. Vasilyev connected artifacts from the site with Khazar, Oghuz and Bulgar culture, leading him to believe that he had discovered the site of Saqsin. The matter is still unresolved. In 2006 Vasilyev announced his belief that the lowest stratum at the Samosdelka site was identical with the site of Atil. In 2008, this team of Russian archaeologists announced that they had discovered the ruins of Atil. Khazar Studies: An Historio-Philological Inquiry into the Origins of the Khazars.

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