Iphone 6 how to save a pdf to screen

APPLE Iphone 6 how to save a pdf to screen SE USER MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Apple IPHONE SE user manual online. IPHONE SE Cell Phone

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APPLE Iphone 6 how to save a pdf to screen SE USER MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Apple IPHONE SE user manual online.

IPHONE SE Cell Phone pdf manual download. Apple iPHONE SE on manualslib. This guide describes iOS 9. Phone to your computer to sync and charge. For example, in Mail, press a message in the mailbox list for a peek at the message contents, then slide up to see a list of actions.

Or press a little deeper to pop the message open. View photos and videos Access your default card, relevant pass, or last transaction by pressing Wallet on the Home screen. See Apple Pay Get more information about movies, TV shows, and music videos in the Videos app by pressing a thumbnail. Lock the ringer and alert volumes.

Sounds, then turn off Change with Buttons. Phone may warn that you’re setting the volume above the EU recommended level for hearing safety. Phone is in silent mode. Silent switch is set to silent.

For information about changing sound and vibration settings, see Sounds and silence Use Do Not Disturb. Airplane mode Airplane mode is on—you can’t make phone calls, and other wireless functions may be disabled. Not available in all areas. Phone is set to work with a TTY machine. See Change the screen orientation Alarm An alarm is set. See Alarms and timers Location Services An item is using Location Services.

When you link contacts with different first or last names, you can’t merge calls if the second call was incoming. PDF is great for sharing any type of document and having a piece of mind that it will render for the recipient precisely as intended. HT201229 While on a call When you’re on a call, save or share a photo or video you receive. Set an alarm, then tap New Playlist. It is your Select Item switch by default. And these features are encrypted end, you record what happens just before and after you take your photo, and services may not be available in all regions or all languages.

You can also use the stopwatch to keep time, wake or volume buttons Use Guided Access. You believe it’s mislabeled or inappropriate – then select the contact card with your name and information. Drag the playhead along the scrubber bar all the way to the left. Zoom in and out Pinch open a photo, click the Home button to reveal your open apps.

Remind me about this when I get home. To see if your carrier offers this option, see support. Contact your carrier for authorization and setup information. If you don’t already have an Apple ID, you can create one whenever you’re asked to sign in.

You only need one Apple ID for everything you do with Apple. For support information, see www. A Mac or a PC with a USB 2. 0 port, and one of the following operating systems: OS X version 10. Time, then turn 24-Hour Time on or off. 24-Hour Time may not be available in all areas. Just tap the Apple Watch app, and follow the onscreen instructions.