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London's West End on July 7, 1960. In a small Southern town, a school teacher, Bertram Cates, is about to stand trial. Cates is denounced by town lead

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London’s West End on July 7, 1960. In a small Southern town, a school teacher, Bertram Cates, is about to stand trial. Cates is denounced by town leaders including the Rev. The town is excited because appearing on behalf of the prosecution will be Matthew Inherit the wind full text pdf, a noted statesman and three-time presidential candidate.

A staunch foe of Darwinism and a Biblical scholar, Brady will sit beside prosecuting attorney Tom Davenport, in the courtroom of Judge Coffey. The teacher’s defense is to be handled by the equally well-known Henry Drummond, one of America’s most controversial legal minds and a long-standing acquaintance and adversary of Brady. Drummond to represent Cates, and ensured that his newspaper and a radio network will provide nationwide coverage of the case. Brown publicly rallies the townspeople against Cates and Drummond. The preacher’s daughter Rachel is conflicted because she and Cates are engaged to be married. The judge admires Brady, addressing him as “Colonel”. Each time Drummond calls a scientist or authority figure to discuss Darwin’s theories, the judge sustains the prosecution’s objections and forbids such opinions from being heard.

Drummond grows frustrated, feeling the case has already been decided. John Stebbins offers his farm as collateral toward the bail. His son was a friend and protege of Cates who drowned after developing a cramp while swimming. The Reverend had said the child was damned to hell because he was not baptized. This, led to Cates’ abandonment of the church, as he felt it was not fair that a child could not enter Heaven due to an action that was beyond his control. That night, mocking crowds go by the jail and then to the hotel where Drummond is staying.

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Drummond is trying to decide how to accomplish his defense without his witnesses and states that he needs a miracle. Hornbeck throws him a Bible from Brady stating there are plenty in that. As Hornbeck pours some drinks and turns to Drummond, he is surprised by Drummond holding the Bible and smiling. Drummond calls Brady himself to the witness stand. Brady’s confidence in his Biblical knowledge is so great that he welcomes this challenge, but becomes flustered under Drummond’s cross-examination, unable to explain certain apparent contradictions, until he is forced to confess that at least some Biblical passages cannot be interpreted literally. Cates, like any other man, demands the right to think for himself, and those citing divine support as a rationale to silence him are wrong. Brady is furious and tries to enter a speech into the record, but Drummond persuades the judge to disallow it as the trial has concluded.

As court adjourns, Brady tries to give his speech but most ignore him outside of his wife and his opponents. As he becomes increasingly hysterical, he suffers from a “busted belly”, dying in the courtroom. After the crowd has cleared out, Hornbeck talks with Drummond, wanting to use the Bible quotation from Reverend Brown’s rally and in which Brady had quoted the “inherit the wind” verse because Brown was about to damn his own daughter. Drummond quotes the verse verbatim, shocking Hornbeck, who states, “Well, we’re growing an odd crop of agnostics this year! They argue over Brady’s legacy, Drummond accuses Hornbeck of being a heartless cynic, and Hornbeck walks out, leaving Drummond alone in the courtroom. Kramer offered the role of Henry Drummond to Spencer Tracy, who turned it down. Kramer then enlisted March, Eldridge, and Kelly as co-stars, and Tracy eventually signed.