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This article is a literature review of recent advances in novel Fe-Mn based alloys, drawing specific examples on Hadfield and TWIP steels, and high en

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This article is a literature review of recent advances in novel Fe-Mn based alloys, drawing specific examples on Hadfield and TWIP steels, and high entropy and shape memory alloys. A critical discussion of these alloys merits a uniform treatment owing to their remarkable mechanical attributes, i. It is interesting hume origin of ideas pdf note that their microscopic deformation mechanism also shares commonality in terms of twinning-dominated straining in addition to slip-based plasticity. In the past two decades alone, a synergy of materials science and mechanics based studies has significantly helped uncover the microstructural origin, effects of alloying etc.

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In this paper, we discourse elaborately on the reported microstructure-property correlations. By surveying these developments, we point out how the current knowledgebase can pave the way for strategizing future materials advancements as well as expanding applications. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. A notable ornithologist, Hume has been called “the Father of Indian Ornithology” and, by those who found him dogmatic, “the Pope of Indian ornithology. The district of Etawah was among the first to be returned to normalcy and over the next few years Hume’s reforms led to the district being considered a model of development. MP, he was bold and outspoken in questioning British policies in India. Radical member of parliament, by his marriage to Maria Burnley.

His career in India included service as a district officer from 1849 to 1867, head of a central department from 1867 to 1870, and secretary to the Government from 1870 to 1879. Nonetheless, all but one Indian official remained loyal and Hume resumed his position in Etawah in January 1858. He built up an irregular force of 650 loyal Indian troops and took part in engagements with them. Hume blamed British ineptitude for the uprising and pursued a policy of “mercy and forbearance”.

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