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Enjoy our how to upload pdf books to my book ipad selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks – straight to your inbox. Join Us – It’s Free! These days, fantasy novels tend to be sprawling multi-book affairs that take ages to complete.

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Even if you do have the time to delve into one of these series, it sometimes takes years for an author to get around to writing the next book that continues the story. Thankfully, there are still short story collections for those who love the fantasy genre, but lack the time to become immersed in some of the newer novels. Even better, many of these collections are available completely free in ebook format. Here are just four short story collections that can give you your fantasy fix for free.

While most romance novels contain enough drama and intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat, many authors also blend in elements of the thriller genre to spice things up. These elements of suspense, surprise and anticipation add a whole dimension to romance novels. However, it is not just modern authors that have found a lot of success by combining the romance and thriller genres. These two genres have gone hand in hand for many  years already, which means there is a treasure trove of free ebooks to choose from. Here are just five examples of books that successfully blends romance and thrills to deliver enthralling tales. Gothic stories that would go on to become classics.

Books such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and even A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens set the tone for this genre of fiction. However, these authors were by no means the only ones to write Gothic stories and many others also came up with some great stories. Ken Wyman is having the worst week of his life, but it only gets worse when his uncle dies and leaves him millions in counterfeit cash. How much money is real and how much is counterfeit? Who would have the power to force down an international flight mid-air?

And what would you do if you were on that plan? Robert “Bobby” Washkowiak battles his way through the bitter first winter of the Korean War, longing for home, his wife, and newborn son. It chases me like I chase fires. But it can’t continue that way. This new town is just what we need.