How to save tableau dashboard as pdf

Tableau in how to save tableau dashboard as pdf format . I hope that would have direct feature in Tableau similar to other reporting tools like Busine

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Tableau in how to save tableau dashboard as pdf format . I hope that would have direct feature in Tableau similar to other reporting tools like Business Objects, OBIEE . Here is the script which works well for this requirement. Need follow the changes mentioned in comments.

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Apologies this is late, but I stayed out in Las Vegas a little longer than expected. I believe I was one of the last to leave! Thursday with the Data Night Out. So first things first, before you step foot inside, you will have had the Data17 app. This unsung hero was your guide to everything you needed to know and more. Without this bit of kit, you would have easily missed a cool session or missed out on something happening in the Data Village.

If you ever join a Tableau conference, you will need this as your conference bible. It also works as a great tool for talking to people. Let people know where you are or where to meet and grab a beer. The sessions this year covered a great array of subjects with some brilliant speakers. Hopefully you managed to catch the talk by Paul Banoub who covered our service at UBS. This was an opportunity to talk to like-industry professionals and was where I met members of my user community from around the world, which without I would not necessarily have an opportunity to meet fact to face.

This session helped me help myself. If you are a conference newbie or seasoned, this should be something you see and was a great decision for me. Everything you need to know about what is coming out soon in Tableau and wow, there are some great things on their way. It is the big thing in the Tableau world at the moment and due to my hectic daily schedule, I haven’t managed to give this much attention, however the conference was my chance to catch up. So what were my thoughts? I thought it looked interesting, but in this introduction session to it, it seemed to have a few minor issues which I hope will be ironed out with time.

Offering Tableau on a free OS is a big step forward and will open up avenues for web developers who solely rely on Linux. Devs on Stage served up more goodies with new upcoming features. Their insight into data and how they have used it within their career together. Back on the Linux track, this session showed the detail of what Tableau on Linux was like under the covers. The most interesting thing was that all of the extra features available to Tableau on Linux, such as the hot configuration change will ALL be available on Windows.