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Examples of fields: name, gender, hair colour. Fields that contain a fixed number of bits are known as fixed length fields. A 30 byte how to enforce r

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Examples of fields: name, gender, hair colour. Fields that contain a fixed number of bits are known as fixed length fields. A 30 byte how to enforce required fields in pdf field may contain a person’s name typically padded with blanks at the end. The disadvantage of using fixed length fields is that some part of the field may be wasted but space is still required for the maximum length case.

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Also, where fields are omitted, padding for the missing fields is still required to maintain fixed start positions within a record for instance. A variable length field is not always the same physical size. Such fields are nearly always used for text fields that can be large, or fields that vary greatly in length. Database implementations commonly store varying-length fields in special ways, in order to make all the records of a given type have a uniform small size. Doing so can help performance.

The choice depends on factors such as the total size of records, performance characteristics of the storage medium, and the expected patterns of access. This makes it slower to access later fields in the same record because the later fields are not always at the same physical distance from the start of the record. In addition, records still vary in length, and must be traversed in order to reach later fields. If a varying-length field is often empty, additional optimizations come into play. This page was last edited on 14 November 2017, at 13:45.

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