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This is a good article. Follow the link for more how to cover sensitive info on a pdf. For dry snow density 0. The physical properties of snow vary co

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This is a good article. Follow the link for more how to cover sensitive info on a pdf. For dry snow density 0. The physical properties of snow vary considerably from event to event, sample to sample, and over time.

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Cumulus clouds in fair weather. Below 500: annually, but not in all of its territory. 500: above annually, below occasionally. Snow develops in clouds that themselves are part of a larger weather system.

The physics of snow crystal development in clouds results from a complex set of variables that include moisture content and temperatures. The resulting shapes of the falling and fallen crystals can be classified into a number of basic shapes and combinations, thereof. Occasionally, some plate-like, dendritic and stellar-shaped snowflakes can form under clear sky with a very cold temperature inversion present. Snow clouds usually occur in the context of larger weather systems, the most important of which is the low pressure area, which typically incorporate warm and cold fronts as part of their circulation. In the Northern Hemisphere, the northern side of the low pressure area produces the most snow.

For the southern mid-latitudes, the side of a cyclone that produces the most snow is the southern side. The strong convection that develops has enough moisture to produce whiteout conditions at places which line passes over as the wind causes intense blowing snow. This type of snowsquall generally lasts less than 30 minutes at any point along its path but the motion of the line can cover large distances. Often, snow transitions to rain in the warm sector behind the front. This uplifting can produce narrow but very intense bands of precipitation, which deposit at a rate of many inches of snow each hour, often resulting in a large amount of total snowfall. As a result, snowflakes vary among themselves, while following similar patterns. Then the droplet freezes around this “nucleus”.

Ice nuclei are very rare compared to that cloud condensation nuclei on which liquid droplets form. Clays, desert dust and biological particles can be nuclei. Once a droplet has frozen, it grows in the supersaturated environment—one where air is saturated with respect to ice when the temperature is below the freezing point. The corresponding depletion of water vapor causes the ice crystals to grow at the droplets’ expense. These large crystals are an efficient source of precipitation, since they fall through the atmosphere due to their mass, and may collide and stick together in clusters, or aggregates. These aggregates are snowflakes, and are usually the type of ice particle that falls to the ground. Closely matching snow crystals have been observed.

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